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1) Size
2) Paper
3) Headers & Fonts
4) Level of Completion
5) Seals:
6) Background Images
7) Signatures
8 ) Presentation
9) Diplomas on Demand

Diplomas on Demand

The Diplomas on Design program allow you to create your diplomas as needed. You buy a piece of software that prints your diploma from a database. You enter the information about your graduates in a database. Diploma blanks are made up in a factory with the headers, seals, or other foiling already done. The basic text is stored as a template and scanned signatures are stored as graphic files. You load the diploma blanks and the program creates the diploma from the database. As personnel change new graphic signature files are added.

Then, years later if a copy of the diploma is needed you can print an exact copy of the original one from the database. Since the signature and template is stored in the computer the original signatory need not be available to sign the diploma.